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Through a Technicolor Glass

YEAR: 2018
DURATION: 5 minutes
INSTRUMENTATION: Percussion Quartet
PREMIERE: March 1, 2018
University of Puget Sound
Seattle, WA
COMMISSION: Society of Composers, Inc. and ASCAP

Program Note:

Through a Technicolored Glass explores a world of variation and fast-changing spectra. Contrary to many pieces that I have written, this work was an attempt at crafting something that was constantly evolving and reacting to preceding musical energy; finding excitement in the sharpness of transitions from one splotch of color to the next. The drum set that is created among the auxiliary percussion is meant to act as an extension to the marimbas and players themselves. I found that the sounds of various cymbals and drums offered a unique palate when combined with the color of the marimbas. My hope was to utilize these additional percussive instruments as a way to articulate certain gestures and textures created by the marimbas. Ultimately, this short work ends at a very different place than it starts. It is as if the piece has weaved and cut its way through this dense palate and ended up on the other side.