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Fascinated by the art of storytelling and capturing human expression, American composer/pianist Alex Berko draws from a wide array of musical and worldly influences to create dynamic and deeply expressive works of sonic art.


Recent News

I have been named the winner of the 2019 American Prize for choral music!

Emmy Award! Believe: A collaborative project with Daniel Bayot, WKYC, and the Singing Angels for the Lebron James Family Foundation won a Regional Emmy in the Musical Composition category.

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Up Next

Christopher Newport University’s Chamber Choir performs Lincoln. The ensemble is directed by John Irving.


Shepherd School of Music students performs Living in Color on the fall composition recital at Rice University. The ensemble is conducted by Jerry Hou.



Ever since I started composing, my music has seemed to straddle the lines with regard to style, often flirting with various flavors at once. I have always viewed differing styles as various dialects that are at my disposal as a composer to accomplish what I am after artistically. Rather than being constricted by the classifications of popular music, jazz, R&B, or classical, I view these various genres as palates that I can learn from and use to my advantage as a composer. I see them as interconnected.

We are living in a world rich with cross-pollinization and collaboration. We are past the age of the solitary artist and very much in the world of one who co-creates. As it appears to me, some of the most meaningful art in the 21st century thus far has been created through conversation and a continuing dialogue throughout the compositional process with those involved in bringing the new work to life. In my recent experiences with writing commissioned works, this collaborative aspect has proven to be the most fruitful. 

My recent works have asked questions about human limitations and our responsibility in preserving the truth, while simultaneously reacting to the natural beauty of our world. Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to tell relevant stories that encompass all facets of what it means to be human in the world today. It is my hope that the listening of these sonic stories allows you to experience and hear the world a little differently.

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I invite you to watch and listen to the work I have created over the past decade. This music is a culmination of my experiences both musically and personally and I hope you find something that resonates with you.

In this catalogue, you will find works for orchestra, chorus, solo piano, and various small combinations of instruments that make up my musical identity. If a piece is available for purchase, you can visit its respected page or see Shop for more details.

Please let me know if you plan on performing any of my music or would like to commission a new work. I would love to hear from you!